This set of rules is drawn up in accordance with the" Rules of hotel services in the Russian Federation", approved by the government of the Russian Federation dated 09.10.2015 № 1085.

  1. The "Aristocrat" hotel is intended for temporary residence of citizens.
  2. Opening hours of the hotel "Aristocrat" - round the clock.
  3. Check-out time at the hotel-12.00, taking into account local features.
  4. Check-in is from 14:00 current day local time. Providing rooms earlier than 14.00 is only subject to availability in the hotel rooms, ready to move in.
  1. For stays after checkout time - (extension to 6 hours)-payment is made by the hour, depending on the room category : Suite-250 rubles/hour, Junior Suite - 220 rubles/hour, Standard - 200 rubles/hour for stays after checkout time from 6 to 12 hours-payment is made for half a day. If you extend the stay more than 12 hours after checkout time, payment is made for a full day.
  1. The hotel applies a guaranteed reservation -100% of advance payment for the entire period of stay. The term of confirmation of prepayment established by the hotel, at least one day before the guest's arrival.
  1. Cancellation of application for reservation or change must be made within a period of not less than 24 hours for individual applications, not less than 48 hours for group reservations (more than 8 people) before the expected date of arrival. In case of failure after the deadline or non-arrival of guests will be charged for the actual downtime of 100% of the cost of booked rooms for one day. Application for cancellation and refund, submitted in WRITING to the administrator or hotel e-mail.
  1. Accommodation fee is charged in accordance with the check-out time, the provisions of this rules and the hotel price list. If you stay less than a day, you will be charged per day, regardless of the check-out time. Check in the hotel is made by making an advance payment for accommodation.
  1. If you stay one person in the room, or not a full day - the room rate is not reduced.
  1. Information about the current prices for hotel rooms is published on the hotel website and is located at the reception.
  1. Payment for accommodation and additional services of the hotel is accepted in cash and cashless form. We accept credit cards: MasterCard, MasterCard Electronic, VISA, VISA ELECTRON, MAESTRO, JCB, China UnionPay, MIR.
  1. When paying in cash or by credit card at the desk of reception and accommodation the receipt shall be issued. For residents is provided a full package of reporting documents (forms of strict reporting, proof of residence).
  1. The room is provided upon presentation of the identity document, duly issued, including:

o passports of the citizen of the Russian Federation certifying the identity of the citizen of the Russian Federation in the territory of the Russian Federation;

o passport of the citizen of the USSR, proving the identity of the citizen of the Russian Federation, to replace it within the prescribed period on the passport of the citizen of the Russian Federation;

o birth certificates - for a person under 14 years of age;

o passports certifying the identity of a citizen of the Russian Federation outside the Russian Federation - for a person permanently residing outside the Russian Federation;

o passport of a foreign citizen or other document established by Federal law or recognized in accordance with an international treaty of the Russian Federation as a document proving the identity of a foreign citizen;

o a document issued by a foreign state and recognized in accordance with an international Treaty of the Russian Federation as a document proving the identity of a stateless person;

o temporary residence permits for stateless persons;

o residence permit of a stateless person. 

If the guest agrees with the current rules of the hotel and accommodation the contract for the hotel services is considered to be concluded.

  1. Temporary hotel accommodation should not exceed 90 days. Accommodation in a hotel over this period is possible only in agreement with the management of the "Aristocrat"hotel.
  2. At the end of the period of stay, the resident is obliged to vacate the room before check-out time (11.00 of the current day), the extension of the period of stay is made only in the absence of a reservation for this room. If there are available rooms, if necessary, the resident can be given another room.

Please note that there is a fee for the extension of stay:

o for each hour-at check-out from 12.00 to 17.00,

o 50 % of the room rate-at check-out from 17.00 to 24.00,

o for a full day-at check-out after 24.00.

  1. The hotel provides the following types of services without additional payment:

o cable TV;

o use of all room facilities according to room category;

o wake-up to a certain time of day;

o provision of a set of dishes and cutlery at guest request,

o use of the iron in the ironing room;

o use of first aid kit;

o taxi call;

o call an ambulance, other special services;

o luggage storage, safe deposit box;

o wireless Internet WI-FI;

o unguarded parking space - upon reservation;

  1. Additional services in the hotel are provided in accordance with the approved price list. Information about additional services and current prices is available at the reception, on the hotel website, in the guest's room or at the place of service.
  1. Hotel guests are required to:

o comply with the established " Aristocrat " hotel order of residence;

o do not disturb other hotel guests, keep quiet and public order in the room and hotel;

o keep the room and hotel clean;

o exclude the possibility of infection in the room;

o strictly observe fire safety rules, preventing the occurrence of fire sources;

o in case of fire in the room immediately inform any hotel employee;

o timely and fully pay for the services provided by the hotel;

o when leaving the room, close the water taps, turn off the lights, TV;

o in case of loss or damage to the property, refund the cost of damage to the hotel according to the price list;

o before check-out, call the reception and ask to check the room.

  1. Hotel guests is prohibited:

o Smoking in the room and common areas (please contact the receptionist, he will show you the smoking areas)

o leave visitors in the room in your absence, and give them the room key;

o keep pets in the room;

o store in the room: bulky items, flammable materials, weapons, chemical and radioactive substances, mercury;

o use electric heating devices in the room, connect fixed telephone devices, faxes and other means of communication.

  1. The hotel administration reserves the right to visit the room without the consent of the resident in case of smoke, fire, flooding, as well as in case of violation of this order of residence. Penalty for smoking in the room - 3000 rubles.
  1. The hotel is not responsible for the loss of money, other currency values, securities, jewelry and other valuables not transferred to the safe at the reception.
  1. The hotel has the right to terminate the contract for the provision of hotel services unilaterally or refuse to extend the period of stay in case of violation of the order of residence, late payment for hotel services, causing material damage to the hotel.

23. Refunds paid at the time of booking are made in the form in which they were made. For refunds, you must contact the administrator with an application and an identity document.