I would like to recommend this hotel. I was in Krasnoyarsk for work, on a business trip always raises the question of choice-where to live, or rather in my case - to spend the night. Somewhere in the Internet I found several hotels, visited the first one - right in the centre, but didn`t like (little smoked rooms), second was the hotel "Aristocrat". I took a taxi and at first could not understand what wilds I was being taken. But in the final point before me appeared a nice building, and when I went inside, I was completely surprised. In general, the level corresponds to the hotel name. The interior is beautiful, clean and tidy everywhere. And the service is adequate - everything is very politely and friendly. Now I will only come here!

Great hotel! Today, unfortunately, we leave Krasnoyarsk and as gratitude I would like to write this review. Aristocrat is a small hotel with a high level service. Well, I wasn`t disappointed in my choice. Interiors are interesting, everything is new and it is clear that they didn`t save on quality. Very carefully...

Cool hotel! Our friends came to visit us from another city & refused to stay in our apartment. So, they chose the Aristocrat hotel. Photos on their website were great, and the price is lower than in famous hotels. As a result, a really cool hotel, we spent a lot of time in their room, and then ordered a sauna which is there. The hotel itself is great - everything is on the level, beautiful interior and everything you need for a holiday is there. We got a discount cards, so we decided to thank and tell others.

There were some circumstances that it took a couple of days to live in a hotel. I decided to choose a hotel, because I don`t like hostels. The hotel was opened recently - so new is always good. Indeed - the hotel is super! I can describe their interior and decoration (and sauna is like a space), but better "to see once, than..." I thank the hotel administration for the hospitality and high level of service!

Wonderful hotel! Arrived in Krasnoyarsk for seminar (3 days), choose the Aristocrat hotel. Very good level-beautiful interior, comfortable room. Everywhere is clean and fresh - smoking is allowed only in a special place. The sauna is huge with a swimming pool. Overall it was a pleasant stay, price -quality ratio is the best!

We were in this hotel in early June - it`s a nice place! Separate small hotel with sauna. Beautifully decorated, cozy room with an interesting design, everything you need is there. The bed is big, everything is fresh - everywhere is clean and shiny! I refer this hotel to a few with high quality service!

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